Meet the Artists

Sandy Graves - "Freedom"

  • Representing the Freedom to be strong through whatever situation life offers you.
  • Freedom to make decisions about your health and accept breast cancer doesn’t have to define you.
  • Freedom to live life to the fullest.

Deb Babcock - "Freedom"

This beautiful, one-of-a-kind wheel-thrown porcelain bowl features a freehand carved design in a rib-cage pattern with BUST incised along the rim. Measuring 6" high x 8.5" across, this vessel features a scalloped rim and a gorgeous glossy ivory glaze.

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Jane Sindell - "Maybe Tomorrow"

I have known several women with breast cancer and would like to help in a small way. This also provides an opportunity to be creative and produce art.

Jim Gmeiner -

"Joan, Le Conquerant: Eternal Feminine"

Mixed media collage. Figurative bust as a landscape collage. Joan of Arc: one who listened to the words of God, stayed true to her faith and conquered the impossible. To honor those women who have never given in, despite their odds.

Stephen West - "Survivor"

In this image I see:


• Courage, to face the approaching storm

• Faith, to see beyond the storm

• Perseverance, to stay strong for as long as it takes


I am struck by the solitude and strength of this tree, which has withstood innumerable storms over the last couple of centuries.  It leads me to reflect on what it must take to confront and overcome the assault of breast cancer.

Beth Liggitt - "Bustier Love"

• A unique original wearable art piece by Beth Liggitt of Wyld Blue Studio

• Corset inspired pendant, with it's sensuous curves and laces

• Made by hand from sterling silver sheet, wire and natural pink quartz gemstones

George Fargo - "Finding Peace"

A woman looking inward, in self discovery, searching for inner peace and strength.


I believe in giving to worthy causes by contributing my photographic talent. I spent several years in Dallas where I was the Photography Chair for "Susan G Komen" and the photographer for "Heroes for Children". Now that I am in Steamboat, there is no "Komen" and no "Heroes", but "Bust of Steamboat" seems to be a wonderful combination of the two – a local organization raising funds to support people in this community who are affected by breast cancer.

Gregory Block - "Nocturne"

When we designate something as Art, we are immediately assigning it a status that is somehow elevated above the mundane. When Marcel Duchamp submitted a signed urinal to an exhibition he was making a statement. And it sure got attention!The Bust of Steamboat does for breast cancer what Duchamp did for the Urinal:  it pulls breast cancer out of the veiled and sterile office and laboratory setting. It shuns the taboo surrounding the topic of breast health. As an artist who belongs to a family with a long history of breast cancer, I look forward to being part of this celebration!

Gail B Holthausen - "Goddess Within"

It is the 25 anniversary of my mother’s death, due to Breast Cancer.

  • Original Art
  • Fine silver, hand crafted
  • Celebrating Womenhood

Gregory Effinger - "Angels Among Us"

As we face cancer in the lives of our friends, family and relatives, we find that there are people who’s prayers and compassionate acts become the most overwhelming support in our struggles. These “angels” contribute, give rides, support family members and are there for us during the the most painful times. Cancer is a reality, these individuals (even the ones who succumb to their cancer) bring us hope and love when they are stripped from us. This painting is for them. Thank you for being our angels!

Lance Whitner - "Happy Hills"


Jody Elston "Yampa Valley Tea Pot"

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Bust Of Steamboat. As I was creating this piece, I found myself reflecting on friends and peers from the Yampa Valley who have been affected by breast cancer. These people are my role models for their strength and vitality.

Sandi Poltorak - "Skin on Chicken Breast"

Currently I am working more and more with animals as the main subject even though I will always return to my true love - human portraiture. I especially enjoy doing commission work knowing that patrons entrust me to represent the soul and essence of their loved ones, be it a family member or pet. In the future I hope to experiment with different mediums and I hope to complete a larger, mural sized drawing.

 Ashley McKinstry

Sometimes life changing events can spring up on us like mountains that suddenly rise up out of the ocean. Once forgotten pages in a book morph into new ways of looking at what the world has to offer and reminds us of those things we sometimes lose along the path. The idea is to love yourself for all of your flaws, while continually loving the little moments each day that we so often take for granted. This piece was created with my Great Grandmother in mind, I like to believe that it was her kind spirit and booming laugh that kept her fighting so late into her life.

Rebecca Bailey "Sisters"


2015 Bios and work samples coming soon

  • Eva Luna
  • Jennifer Baker
  • Susie Jackson
  • Susan Schiesser
  • Kathi Fresques
  • Jan Maret Willman
  • Kathy Thayer
  • Dancy St. John
  • Cris French
  • Tinker Tiffany

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The Yampa Valley Breast Cancer Awareness Project (YVCAP) was established in 2000 for women of Routt and Moffat counties to prevent or treat breast cancer, which means all the money raised stays in the community.