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Cancer Free Since 2020


“I was diagnosed in 2018 when I was 30 years old and my daughter was 2. My first thought was about my daughter and thinking of dying. Now I’ve been cancer free for 1 ½ years. The Bust of Steamboat helped me financially, helped me connect with my physician, and most importantly, they helped me emotionally through a tough time.”
– Karla

“Recibí el diagnóstico en el 2018 cuando tenía 30 años y mi hija tenía 2 años. Lo primero que pensé fue en mi hija y en la posibilidad de morir. Ahora he estado libre de cáncer por año y medio. “Bust of Steamboat” me brindó ayuda financiera, me puso en contacto con mi médico y lo más importante, me brindaron ayuda emocional durante todo el tiempo de esta prueba.”
– Karla

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breast cancer survivor woman smiling

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis is so overwhelming

"When you are faced with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis, everything is so overwhelming. I still remember the moment not long after my first diagnosis six years ago, when Jan...
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My First Bust Event

“I had just finished 9 months of treatment for breast cancer when I attended my first Bust event. My annual mammogram that January was abnormal. What followed was...
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No family history

“I was diagnosed right before Christmas in 2018 after years of normal non-suspicious screenings with no family history. I was very touched to receive the monetary gift...
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Cancer runs in my family

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had just started a new job. Cancer runs in my family: but the healthy, 37-year-old me wasn’t prepared. I decided to work...
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