2023 Paint the Town Pink

2023 Paint the Town Pink

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2023 October – Paint the Town Pink

Right now breast cancer is at a tipping point. More women are surviving. But more are being diagnosed than ever before. And every 45 minutes, another woman dies from the disease.

We’re going to change that. By doing whatever it takes, however we can, working tirelessly every day.

We’re bringing together the brightest minds, the boldest fundraisers and the most determined campaigners. YOU!!!

It’s Time to Get Involved

Because of the advanced screening methods we’re catching most breast cancers early at Stage I.

We know that early detection and treatment = SURVIVAL!

What Can You Do?

Whether you want to create your own event or take part in one we’ve organized, there are hundreds of ways to fund raise and make a life-saving impact.

Spread the word about our local organization with our marketing materials in your place of business.

Any amount of cash donation will go directly to an individual’s fight.

Have an event that represents your business’ style. Brainstorm with your staff to create your own signature team building event.

  • Have one day/week/month where a portion of your sales are donated to The Bust of Steamboat.
  • Turn your store, windows and employee’s apparel pink to show your support.
  • Have your own Party in Pink or Pretty in Pink or Pink Out! Fundraiser.
  • Restaurants have one night or week where the entire staff wears pink and have pink specials; such as a pink specialty drink.
  • Host a mini auction with a valuable item, trip or piece of artwork.
    Host a garden party or walk your friend’s dogs and donate the proceeds to the Bust of Steamboat.
  • Sell your crafts to raise money or host a how-to party where participants pay a fee to learn your craft and proceeds go to The Bust of Steamboat.
  • Sponsor a hanging pink ribbon event with messages to honor and remember those in community.
  • Local sports team wears pink jerseys or arm bands.
  • City council could light up civic buildings in pink.

What We Will Do

We’re here to support you in every step of the way and make fundraising as easy and fun as possible. We have fundraising ideas for every occasion and timescale as well as how-to guide and great branded materials for you to use.

  • Include your business and event in our social media and marketing.
  • Extend use of the Bust of Steamboat Logo (above) for your marketing.
  • Decorate the front of your business with a Paint the Town PINK poster.
  • Provide awareness material as needed.

Join Our Fight

Please let us know how you’d like to participate.

Host an event

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Become a Friend of the Bust with a donation

  • Silver – $250
  • Gold – $500
  • Platinum – $1,000
  • Platinum Plus – $1,000+
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